Writing Software: Scrivener

I will swear by this software. I use it and I recommend it for anyone writing a long book. Word processors are fine when writing short stories or poetry but when your story lines get more complex and there is research to store and excessive amounts to remember, having a software that not only allows this but supports it fully can be the difference between finishing your book in a timely fashion or not finishing it at all. No  matter how you choose to work there are features here to support you. If you are still a little skeptical then try the 30 day free trial. It only includes the days that you write so you get your full 30 days. Features covered include:

  1. Your complete writing studio
  2. Write, structure, revise
  3. Create order from chaos
  4. Your research—always within reach
  5. Getting it out there
  6. Who Uses Scrivener?


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