Real Literary Agents: 11 Ways to Tell

If you are looking for a literary agent, then you want to make sure you’re getting the real thing. Avoid getting scammed and ripped off with this handy list. Today’s link will send you straight to the section I am recommending, but it is only a part of a bigger article, if you have time and are interested, there is some other great stuff on this page. But as for our link, subjects covered include:

  1. Real agents don’t advertise.
  2. Real agents don’t charge upfront fees.
  3. Real agents don’t appear in the sponsored listings when you type “literary agent” into Google.
  4. Real agents list books they’ve agented on their websites.
  5. Being a member of AAR (Association of Authors Representatives).
  6. Real agents don’t insist on all client interactions being electronic.
  7. Real agents represent works that are ready to be submitted.
  8. Real agents don’t run contests.
  9. Real agents don’t ask their clients to send in 20 copies of their manuscript.
  10. Real agents don’t tell writers they must pay for a website.
  11. Real agents never submit books to vanity, POD, or other non-advance paying publishers.


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