Why Should My Character Have An Arc?

What is a character arc? Should my character have one? What should it look like? How do I use it to enrich my characters. In today’s link we discover character arcs and their validity. Here we have some really great info on them and their uses. Subjects covered include:

  1. Character arcs are not 100% necessary.
  2. However, not giving your character one can simply be laziness on your part.
  3. When someone claims a character has no arc, take a closer look.
  4. Arcs can go either way.
  5. Or, the character’s evolution may not be shaped like an arc at all.
  6. The important part of all this is change, mostly internal.
  7. If you have a main character that doesn’t require an arc—give arcs to one or more secondary characters.
  8. Two sure-fire ways to help give your character an arc.


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