Make Writing Your First Novel Simple: 10 Tips

Writing a book is actually quite simple in principle. Keeping it simple is often the key to success. However, some of the very simple practices needed are often more easily said than done. Looking to master the simple stuff? Today’s link is just that, simple and to the point. A lot of people will write a top ten with advice for writing but not all are as simple and comprehensive as this. Subjects covered include:

  1. Start small.
  2. Have an outline.
  3. Have a set time to work on your book every day.
  4. Choose a unique place to write.
  5. Have a set word count.
  6. Give yourself weekly deadlines.
  7. Get early feedback.
  8. Ship.
  9. Embrace failure.
  10. Write another.


Thanks for stopping by. More links and resources for improving your writing soon. Make sure to follow so that you don’t miss out.



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