Great Character Arcs: 10 Tips

Well rounded characters with profound and believable plots are often what can make or break your book. We have looked at character arcs and what they are for but how do we use them to their greatest extent. The development of characters should seem natural but denote change that is interesting and unexpected. Today’s link gives us some great ways to make that possible. Subjects covered include:

  1. Who Is the Character at the Beginning?
  2. Inner Demons
  3. Perception of Self
  4. Show the Character Changing
  5. Desired or Undesired Traits
  6. What Does the Character Become?
  7. Is the Change Natural?
  8. Resistance to Change
  9. Don’t Contrive Events
  10. Who Else is Affected?


Thanks for stopping by. More links and resources for improving your writing soon. Make sure to follow so that you don’t miss out.



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