Do You Have Perfect Grammar? 20 Common Mistakes.

Is your grammar perfect? Take the test. Today’s link includes twenty common mistakes made by writers everywhere. See how many of them you make and how not to make them. Subjects covered include:

  1. Who and Whom
  2. Which and That
  3. Lay and Lie
  4. Moot
  5. Continual and Continuous
  6. Envy and Jealousy
  7. Nor
  8. May and Might
  9. Whether and If
  10. Fewer and Less
  11. Farther and Further
  12. Since and Because
  13. Disinterested and Uninterested
  14. Anxious
  15. Different Than and Different From
  16. Bring and Take
  17. Impactful
  18. Affect and Effect
  19. Irony and Coincidence
  20. Nauseous


Thanks for stopping by. More links and resources for improving your writing soon. Make sure to follow so that you don’t miss out.



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