Writing Tips and Hints: 3 Places to Keep Up to Date.

If you have jumped in from a link other than wordpress chances are you may not have a word press account. But if you’re a writer and you like to read ways to improve your writing. You, like me may be looking for real world answers that are based on real life experience, but keep you structured in good practice. The internet is a great place for this but sorting through the articles is time consuming. I find a lot of great articles and you can now keep up to date of when they are posted. There are three places. If you have jumped in from tumblr or have an account you can follow me there. Or you can use the facebook options. The first link is the NattieTee Blogs profile. You can friend me there and you will get updates on all the blogs. Or you can like the page and get updates on only writing. Or you can do both. They both contain the updates plus extra material pertaining to the page or profile, such as status updates and shares from within facebook. Otherwise hit follow here. Happy writing.

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