How to Finish What You Start: 5 Step Plan

Well the guys at ‘Write to Done’ have done it again. We have looked at the importance of being able to get yourself to write but even when we are stocked up to the eyeballs with motivation our inspiration betrays us and we start so many projects none actually get finished. Just finishing a book is an accomplishment. Forget what happens after that. No use looking at publishing if we can’t even finish a project. Topics covered include:

  1. Stop starting new projects.
  2. Assess your current projects.
  3. Choose one project to focus on.
  4. Decide what finished will look like.
  5. Set some milestones. (And start hitting them.)

ntlink_01Thanks for stopping by. More links and resources for improving your writing soon. Make sure to follow so that you don’t miss out.



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